Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What a GREAT Summer Jeff is having!!!!

Here's a picture of Jeff and Clay - THE AWESOME DUO! Clay is doing such a awesome job with Jeff and Jeff is really enjoying being with him. They go to the park, the track at the high school for exercise, and are spending a lot of time at Riverdale Resort swimming. Clay has also taken Jeff to the movies, bowling and shopping. Clay communicates through sign language with Jeff and really gets Jeff to sign back . . . real signs, not just lazy signing like he tends to do with me. I've heard from two separate sources that have observed Clay working with Jeff, that Clay is very attentive, and patient with Jeff. Even though Clay was very apprehensive at first, he has gotten to know Jeff and how best to work with his behaviors. Clay says that he enjoys working with Jeff and I KNOW that Jeff enjoys being with Clay. He is always so eager when I tell him Clay is coming to go play with him. We are very fortunate to have someone as good as Clay to work with him. Hopefully we will get to keep him until he leaves on his mission. Then . . . . back to square one.