Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ahhh Spring At Last!

Here it is the middle of April and Spring is just now getting to my corner of the world. She sure took her sweet time getting here!! There is still snow on our mountains around us, but I'm finally beginning to see some green grass in our lawn. Haven't seen any flowers yet, and the trees are still bare, but that will change soon. It is so nice having some warm, sunny weather for a change. Mom and I have even taken a couple of walks outside on the nice days. It feels so good to be outside in nice weather again. And I can hardly wait to go SWIMMING!!!

The last post on here was in February. Mom, being true to form, was sick a lot in February and all of March. She ended up with Diverticulitis and has just now gotten it under control. She was in a lot of pain, and was no fun to be around. Things got pretty boring for me, but I tried to help her by being good and intertaining myself. We did have a friend (thank you Kayrene) come and stay a while to help Mom and me when Mom was really bad. It was really nice of her, but it's good to have my old Mom back.

My support worker Kalin, has been pretty swamped with his classes at the University and his other job, so I haven't been with him very much lately. Since he can only work with me about one day a week now, Mom has hired a new support worker for me. Her name is Evelyn Rawlins. Mom and Kalin have been training her lately and today was my first day alone with her. I guess today is MY day to train her! I'm still getting to know her, but I think I'm really going to like her. We went shopping today at ALCO. I LOVE looking at their toy, tool and hardware section! I tried hard not to give her a hard time. Then we went to the market because Mom had asked me to buy two things for her - eggs and milk. I always forget that I'm not suppose to THROW the eggs in the basket. I don't know why I have such a hard time remembering that. It's good that Evelyn was there to remind me. Then I had to remember to not drop the milk on top of the eggs. This shopping thing can get pretty complicated and messy if you're not careful. Anyway, I think Evelyn is going to work out fine. She is the Young Women's President in her Ward so she knows how to have fun. She is patient, and kind and she doesn't let me push her around...but we'll see. I'm not done testing her yet! I'll keep you posted.