Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nothing But Fun, Fun and More Fun!

Life is so great and I've been having lots of fun. It's cool to get away from Mom for a while and just hang out with a guy. Kalin is great, and he likes doing things I like doing.

In the last couple of weeks we've gone swimming, rock climbing, the movies, bowling, and of course shopping. The Rock Hause is my favorite. We've been rock climbing twice and it is awesome. We went to see Toy Story & Toy Story 2, a double feature in 3-D at the movies. I loved it! I even got to eat popcorn and have a drink during the movie. We went swimming at the Resort and the hot pools are great - really relaxing! We've gone shopping at ALCO, and WalMart. There is so much to see there. I just love to look and touch things. Kalin helps me remember to be careful when I'm touching things. The Bowling alley we went to was fun. It's got cosmic bowling where everything is painted in florescent colors and the black lights make everything glow and move. It's so cool! And of course, I have to look at everything which makes it hard to concentrate on actually bowling. Here's some pictures of me bowling and looking at the lights.

Getting distracted by all the glowing things around me

Setting up my ramp

Waiting my turn

Guys just chilling out