Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Behind Already!

Yep, my Mom is behind already!  She has been kind of busy lately so I decided to let it slide.  Low and behold, she took it upon herself to get caught up on my blog for for me.

Christmas and New Years has come and gone.  I had a GREAT Christmas as usual.  New Years Day is ahh, just another day as far as I'm concerned.

Those of you that know me, know I absolutely LOVE Christmas!  I get so excited!  I love the decorations that Mom puts up.   I love the presents.  I love Santa.  I love changing my count-down to Christmas calendar every day.  I love the gluten-free treats she makes.  I love the nativity with baby Jesus that she put out.  I love checking what Santa gave me in my Christmas Stocking.   I love the Christmas tree and all it's decorations.  Mom has to keep an eye on me because  I just love to sneak the mini light bulbs off the tree and eat them.  She was relentless this year and I didn't even get to eat one!  I know . . .  Mom tells me I'm weird for wanting to eat them!  She said I have PICA which is why I try to eat uneatable things.  But she said I am getting better - I think SHE is getting better at stopping me.   Anyway, I truly had a GREAT Christmas. 

Here;s some pictures . . .
 All the things I love!

What I woke up to on Christmas morning.  Along with presents, Santa always leaves balloons for me too, because he knows how much I LOVE BALLOONS!

Some of the great things I got for Christmas.

What most of it looks like after I get through loving it to pieces.

Me opening and checking out everything in my stocking.

What Dad got in his stocking . . 2 lumps of COAL!  Mom said he was a naughty boy this year.   Later we found another stocking for him, so I guess Santa was playing a trick on him.  Silly Santa!

Just one of my favorite gifts from my bother Dave and his family.  It lights up, spins, and vibrates, and they sent two of these and another gun that does the same thing.  Do they know what I like or what!

My sweet Grandma Baker spent the day with us.  Isn't she cute!  My Aunt Patti came too.

Yep, I had another great Christmas!  Santa and my family was really good to me.