Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Case Of The Missing Camera

Winter is on it's way here at the Baker home and a lot has happened since Mom last posted for me.  I'd better let you know that there won't be any pictures for a while, at least until Mom gets a new camera. 

Here's the story . . . .

After Halloween, Mom left her camera in it's case, on the counter for a couple of days.  Silly Mommy, you'd think she'd know better by now that you DON'T leave anything like that within my reach.  I got up during the night and YEP, I TOOK IT!  I encased that sucker in tape, string and more tape.  She saw this little square shaped thing in my bucket one day, but didn't think anything of it, as I always have weird shaped things encased in tape in my bucket.  I ended up throwing it in the trash when I cleaned out my bucket.    A few days later she went to get her camera to download my Halloween pictures and a few others, and that's when she noticed her camera was missing.  The case was there, but no camera.  She spent about a week  looking everywhere for it.  After much looking and even praying, she remembered this little square thing she saw in my bucket one morning.  Her brain light came on and she realized THAT was her camera.  Of course by then, the trash had been picked up and it is somewhere in the Franklin Co. landfill.  So the case of the missing camera has been solved.  Silly, silly Mommy!  She is still learning lessons the hard way.

Okay, so guess what I was for Halloween?  I'll give you a couple of's my favorite kind of candy.  Mom always keeps a GIANT bag of it handy to reward me for my toileting efforts.  If you know me well, then you guessed right . . . That's right I was an M&M peanut!!!  Mom was a M&M plain candy.

I REALLY love Halloween.  I LOVE wearing costumes and getting candy.  After all these years, I've got this thing down pat.  While wearing my costume, I sign 'trick-or-treat', then I take one candy (but a lot of times people throw me off by having me take more), then I sign 'Thank You', and quickly move on.  The only thing I haven't figured out is . . . where does all that candy I got go, once we get home!
(*Mom's note -  because of Jeff's Celiacs Disease, there's a lot of candy he can't have, so Dad thoughtfully eats it so Jeff won't get sick.)

Moving on . . . I have a new CSW (Community Support Worker).  Her name is Toni Kelly.  She just started working for/with me on Tuesday.  So far I'm trying to be good and not test her too much.  I think she's going to be good.  Of course, she's not my buddy Kalin, but I guess I can be flexible if I have to be.  Kalin got a  job with more hours and full benefits, so even though I miss him, Mom and I understand that it's better for him & his wife.  When Mom gets a new camera, I'll have her post a picture of Toni and me.  So far, she and I have gone shopping and swimming this week.  Oh, and my CSW and buddy Daniel, (he worked with me until school started in August) will be working with me on Fridays & Saturdays until Track season starts.  So I'm a happy guy!  I get to get out and do lots of fun things without Mom.  I love her, but I do need a break from her always telling me what to do.  Mom's can be funny that way, and guys need a little space.  I think it's good for her too, as she can be so 'clingy' concerning me sometimes.

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