Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Lot Can Happen In 5 Months!!!

My Mom has been REALLY lax in updating my blog!!! I've been so busy all summer having so much fun, that I forgot to keep an eye on her.

First, here is my newest caregiver. His name is Kalin Hansen. He's pretty cool. He's no Clay, but hey, gives him something to shoot for right. I really like him. I'm teaching and he's learning! We make a great team!

He has been working with me for most of the Summer. He has just started classes at Utah State so he only works with me on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays now. We do all kinds of fun things together. Swimming is my all time favorite!!!! I LOVE the water!!!! We go to the park, bowling, the movies, shopping, walking in the community while he teaches me to keep my hands to myself, we've gone to fairs, carnivals, and today we went rock climbing!!!! Man, that was so cool and soooo much fun!! Just look at how cool I am!

Getting started

Here I go

Working hard

At the top!

Life is so great, and I'm making the most of it!!!