Sunday, November 28, 2010

FREE At Last!!

I'd been couped up in the house for over two weeks and I was going CRAZY! They FINALLY let me out of the house!!! Friday, Mom and I went to the movies in Logan. We saw the movie "Megamind". It was in 3D and I LOVED it! It had everything a guy like me likes - it was antimated and had lots of action in it! It pretty much held my interest and I only broke 3 pair of 3D glasses during the movie.

On Saturday, we were on a roll, and Mom took me into town for some fun. In Preston, they had all kinds of fun activites planned for the day. Bed races at 2:00, a gift fair, free christmas movie at 3:00, visiting with Santa, lots of Christmas music, fireworks, and the Lighted Christmas Parade. Santa wasn't there when we got there, so I didn't get to see him. Mom said I can see him later and I was okay with that. I REALLY like that guy! We went into some stores and it was just great being out and about again.

Today we went to Church. I hadn't been in about 3-4 weeks (because I've been sick) and I had a hard time remembering to be good. We got a new Bishop today. Bishop Rassmussen is our new Bishop and Dad is still the ward financial clerk. He likes the calling and must do a good job, because this is the 4th bishop in a row to call him to that position. I'm going to like my new Bishop, he's a cool guy. Anyway, I made it through Sacrament meeting, and almost through Sunday School. I just couldn't control mayself any longer and started being kinda wild. It worked, Mom took me home. Do I know how to get my way or what?! Just the thought of sitting through another hour of meetings was more than I could handle. Two hours was plently for me today.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Being Sick Stinks!!!

Being sick really does stink. I've been sick with an upper respiratory infection for two weeks now! I've spent my days sleeping, eating, resting, watching TV, taking my medications, and coughing my head off. Let me tell you, it has not been fun. Mom & Dad have said I've been really good during this sickness, but the reality is that I just haven't felt like doing very much of anything. BUT I am getting better, and I plan to be back to my old self very soon now. I'm napping a lot less, cough is almost gone, and I'm starting to get bit bored, which means I'm not being quite a good as before. Hopefully they'll let me out this house soon!!!! I've sure missed a lot during this two week period. When I first got sick, this is what it looked like outside at my house:

Now THIS is what it looks like outside my house:

I've missed so much!!! It's gone from Fall to Winter, since I've been sick! The snow pictures are just from this morning. It has been snowing all day and we have about 4 inches out there right now and more keeps coming. Boy, with all this snow, even though it's not even Thanksgiving yet, I'm starting to think CHRISTMAS!

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