Sunday, November 28, 2010

FREE At Last!!

I'd been couped up in the house for over two weeks and I was going CRAZY! They FINALLY let me out of the house!!! Friday, Mom and I went to the movies in Logan. We saw the movie "Megamind". It was in 3D and I LOVED it! It had everything a guy like me likes - it was antimated and had lots of action in it! It pretty much held my interest and I only broke 3 pair of 3D glasses during the movie.

On Saturday, we were on a roll, and Mom took me into town for some fun. In Preston, they had all kinds of fun activites planned for the day. Bed races at 2:00, a gift fair, free christmas movie at 3:00, visiting with Santa, lots of Christmas music, fireworks, and the Lighted Christmas Parade. Santa wasn't there when we got there, so I didn't get to see him. Mom said I can see him later and I was okay with that. I REALLY like that guy! We went into some stores and it was just great being out and about again.

Today we went to Church. I hadn't been in about 3-4 weeks (because I've been sick) and I had a hard time remembering to be good. We got a new Bishop today. Bishop Rassmussen is our new Bishop and Dad is still the ward financial clerk. He likes the calling and must do a good job, because this is the 4th bishop in a row to call him to that position. I'm going to like my new Bishop, he's a cool guy. Anyway, I made it through Sacrament meeting, and almost through Sunday School. I just couldn't control mayself any longer and started being kinda wild. It worked, Mom took me home. Do I know how to get my way or what?! Just the thought of sitting through another hour of meetings was more than I could handle. Two hours was plently for me today.
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