Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All Ready for Christmas

It's been so much fun getting ready for Christmas this year. Last year I didn't think we were even going to have a Christmas because Mom took so long getting things up. But WOW she surprised us all by having everything done super early this year!! The halls are decked, and the tree trimmed...

The family Christmas letter has been written and mailed, gifts bought & wrapped, and presents mailed. Mom has never been this organized, this early, before.

We had our family Christmas get-together this past weekend. It was so fun to see my sister, Kelly, and her family and my brother, Steve, and his family. We had a great time together and I loved playing with my crazy nephews. Kade really makes me laugh.

We also went to the ward Christmas party where I got to see Santa Clause! I like that guy...a lot!

My nephew Phoenix likes Santa too, but my niece Reagan didn't like him.

Mom says we can now just bask in the spirit of Christmas and enjoy every moment of it. I love to sit in my chair and look at the lights on the tree.

I also like counting down the days to Christmas on my calendar.
Even though Mom & I have been busy doing all our Christmas stuff, she still took me to the movies to see the movie "Tangled". Cool movie, I loved it! It's antimated (of course) and it was in 3D!!

Oh, and get this...Usually just Mom & I go shopping in Logan, but one day Dad decided that he would go with us. Mom went off and did her shopping and Dad let me go up and down the isles looking at whatever I wanted to look at. I got to look at toys, tools, light fixtures & light bulbs, and electronics - all my favorite things. Man, I was in heaven! I hope he comes shopping with us more often because I have a lot more fun when he comes. Mom liked it too.

I really love this time of year and life is GOOD.

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Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Jeff, your Christmas tree is beautiful! Would your mom have time for a quick trip to Ohio to put mine up? I am SO behind this year!

Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Leslie & Katie

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Hi, Linda. My email address is lakcharge@yahoo.com, and I'm also on facebook: Leslie Carpenter Kauffman. Would love to connect with you there!