Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas & New Year's

Both have come and gone! I had a GREAT Christmas! I loved all my toy gifts. Of course, I had most of them destroyed before the end of the day, but that is part of my loving them. It was a rather unusual Christmas this year because my Mom was really sick. She'd been fighting a slight cold for a couple of weeks, but then she got really sick 2 days before Christmas. She tried to get in to see the doctor, but his office was closed. She spent Christmas morning laying on the couch watching me open my presents. Dad made me breakfast and after I ate, I got my Christmas stocking. WOW, more neat things! I loved it. However, there were no pictures taken, no yummy treats to eat, or Christmas dinner like there usually is. Mom spent the day in bed and the next day (Friday) the doctor said she now had a secondary infection, so he gave her an antibiotic to take for her really bad Sinus infection. She started feeling better on Monday, but then on Tuesday she started feeling worse and was running a fever again. The Doctor's office was closed on Wednesday & Thursday, so on Friday she went into the doctor again. He said it has now gone into her chest and she has Bronchitis. So now she is on yet another antibiotic and waiting to start feeling better.

I've enjoyed my time with her being sick. I do pretty much whatever I want. I've laid around and watched a lot of TV. I've been pretty good to her, by keeping myself entertained. When Dad is around he keeps me supplied with my balloons, tape, string, and M&Ms. I really like giving him orders and when ever he comes to check on me, I always sign a list of things that I want for him to get for me. Yes, I pretty much have it made right now! Sure was a different kind of Christmas and New Year around here though. Ahh, but there is always next year to look forward to!

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Kristin said...

I hope the fact that you felt well enough to post means that the 2nd round of antibiotics are working. I'm so sorry you've been so sick the past 2 weeks. What a bummer! Get well soon! We love you!