Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Just wanted to let everyone know that I had a great birthday!! I got lots of birthday wishes from so many of you....Thank you for remembering me.

Because I get 'over stimulated' when there's lots of people around, it was just Mom, Dad and me. Mom made me this yummy Tagliatelle gluten-free pasta w/shrimp, veggies, in a garlic cream cheese sauce for dinner dinner. Mom is cool, she knows how much I love pasta! Oooo it was good. Then, for desssert I had an awesome gluten-free choc brownie/ice cream birthday cake.

Here's a picture of me before blowing out my candles.

Here's a picture of me enjoying my birthday cake...YUM!

Here I am playing with one of my birthday presents....I LOVE these things!

I stayed up really late on my birthday playing with the toys I got. Then, the next morning I did the same thing. I was so engrossed building things, that I completely forgot that I like to eat every two hours. I didn't stop until after lunch, and only then, because Dad made me come eat some lunch. And get this, I didn't take a nap at all that day!!!!! I ALWAYS take a nap sometime during the day. Man, I was just too busy! Yes sir, it was a great birthday!!

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