Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yea!!! Christmas Is Coming!

I am getting so excited!  Christmas is coming!  Here is what it looks like at our house.  When I see all these decorations go up, I know that a fun, special time is on it's way.
When things start looking like this, I KNOW it's Christmas time.

I love my countdown calendar. Mom doesn't have to remind me to move Santa to the next day. I do it all on my own as soon as I get up in the morning.

I get so excited when Mom hangs up our stockings. I love all the goodies that Santa puts there when he comes to my house.

My spinning, rocking chair sits right next to this. Oh how I LOVE to sit here and look at the Christmas lights on the tree.

I love my singing Santa, plus Mom's reminder that "He who has not Christmas in his heart will not find it under the tree."

This is one of our Nativity scenes. Mom says this is what Christmas is all about...Jesus being born. She said without Christ, there would be no Christmas. You know, I can't see well at all, I can't hear at all, my mind doesn't comprehend a lot of things, I can't speak at all, but my Spirit and heart work well. I can feel and understand things that work through the Spirit, and I have proved that to Mom many times.
I'm a happy, excited guy, and am really looking forward to Christmas.  I love Jesus and Santa.  Mom said she and I are going to make some Pumpkin Bread today to give to people...yea!  Hope we can make a gluten-free one for me!
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Kelly and Joe said...

Jeff makes Christmas magical!

Linda Baker said...

Yes Kelly, he truly does!