Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coos Bay, here I don't come!

Mom, Dad and I were suppose to leave for Coos Bay, Oregon this morning. Guess what!?! I woke up sick and Mom says she's not feeling very well either, so Dad is going alone to Coos Bay. Since Coos Bay is 15 hours away from Preston, Idaho, and Dad won't have me to keep him company on his long drive, he decided to fly. He & Mom have been on the Internet and the phone all morning making all the changes.

Dad is going to Coos Bay to run in the Steve Prefontaine Memorial 10K Run. Mom and I really wanted to be there to watch him and support him. He has some friends that he is meeting there, so he won't be all alone. I sure hope he does well. He's been training and looking forward to this for quite some time. So, GO DAD GO!!

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