Friday, October 17, 2008

Yeah, it's been a long time. Mom's pretty bad about keeping this thing updated! I'm happy to report that she is FINALLY well. Old people take a long time to recover you know. Now me, I bounced back in about a week but poor old mom took about a month.

I've been enjoying all my activities with Clay. He really makes things fun. I do miss swimming though. They closed the Olympic pool for the winter, and it has gotten pretty cold so I understand. Clay got his mission call and is going into the MTC on December 3rd. I'm really going to miss him. It's been nice to have a guy pal to do things with. Mom and Dad are okay, but they're just not as fun as Clay is.

You all probably heard that my Dad got 3rd in his age division (60-65) at Coos Bay. Mom and I were proud of him and he was pleased with his results. He's getting ready to run another 10K in Logan on November 1.

Mom has been asked to be a chairman for a big Humanitarian project at Church that our ward is doing. She is over painting 100 toy cars by mid November. This should be fun . . . I like paint!

Mom got all excited the other day. I got tired of waiting for her to make my pizza, so I got up and did it myself! I got out the corn tortilla, the pizza sauce and the pizza cheese. Then I got a plate, put the tortillas on it, spread the pizza sauce on the tortillas, then put the cheese on. ALL BY MYSELF! I didn't think she'd want me to use the microwave by myself so I just waited for her to come do that. She was so surprised, happy, and proud of me. I was proud of myself too!

Another great thing that I've been doing for a while, is when I want to get Mom's attention and she is upstairs, I click the hall light on as a signal to her that I want her. It works really well, and boy, does she come running. I thought that was pretty ingenious of me. Mom and Dad both are quite proud of me.


Kelly and Joe said...

He never ceases to amaze me! That's gotta feel GOOD, seeing his continual learning, especially the light thing. We love him...and you!

Kristin said...

That's awesome! The pizza making and light thing--love it! Jeff's great. We miss you all. Where is Clay going to serve?