Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dad The Builder

Hey guys, I thought you'd like to see what Dad is building. He bought this kit to build a shed waaay back when...like the beginning of Spring! Well, he's been working on it for the past few weeks. He opened the box, then put it away. A couple of weeks later, he graded a nice spot to put it using his big tractor. He covered the ground with plastic, then built the floor frame and then the floor. Stay tune for the on going saga of 'Dad The Builder'. At this rate, it will be on going for quite some time.Ü This is where we are now:

I love my Dad and he can do most anything. Reminds me of a song that goes like this....
My dad's the smartest guy,
And my dad's the bravest guy,
And my dad's the neatest guy,
It's positively so.
Maybe I'll introduce you,
Then you'll know that it's the truth,
That my dad,
My dad's the greatest guy you know!



Kristin said...

What a cute song! Thanks for sharing. It's always good to know what you guys are up to. Hope everyone is healthy!

Kelly and Joe said...

See Dad go.
Go, Dad, go!
Dad goes like crazy!
Dad IS crazy!
See Dad with the hammer.
See Dad hurt himself with the hammer.
See Jeff laugh.
Jeff laughs and laughs!
See Mom join in.
See Dad finally laugh with them but only after saying some bad words.
Shhh, Dad, shhh!

GOOD LUCK! We love y'all!