Monday, March 23, 2009

Mother Nature Is NOT very nice!!

We've had beautiful weather all last week. It has been so sunny & warm that I got to go to the park two days last week to play. Friday I went to Logan with Mom & Grandma and once again it was a gorgeous day. All last week was so great. We got to open the blinds and windows and could look out at parts of the lawn turning green. Spring had definitely arrived in Riverdale, Idaho.

Then Mother Nature played a cruel trick on us! Here's what we woke up to this morning.

And it's not done yet. It has snowed more since the above picture was taken. And it is suppose to snow until tonight, then we get rain. Mother Nature is so cruel.

I'm spending the day inside watching the guys put down our new wood floor in the dining room. I kept getting in their way so Mom brought me upstairs to play a game on my computer. I'm having a good day, but sure wish it was a sunny, warm day so I could go outside and play in the sunshine. Oh well, I'll just have to be patient, it will come.

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Kristin said...

At least spring has sprung with your cute, new blog background! :) Hope you get to go back out soon!