Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mother Nature is Still Playing Tricks On Us

Mother Nature is still up to her old tricks . . . one day will be a gorgeous Spring- like day, then it will snow for a couple of days. I sure will be glad when she makes up her mind as to what she wants. Doesn't she realize that it really makes it hard for me to get out and do all the fun things that I like doing? After all, a guy like me needs to make plans, and with her flipping back and forth, it's hard to plan anything!! Come on Mother Nature, enough is enough.

I have a new support worker (caregiver) and I'm ready to put her through all my tests (hehe). Her name is Camille Adams and she's really nice, and cute too! She has great feet and hates to wear shoes, so I get to see her painted toes a lot!!! (Everybody knows how I absolutely LOVE feet!) I'm not done testing her yet, so we'll see if she continues to be patient. Mom thinks she is going to work out just fine. We've gone bowling a couple of times and to the movies which was fun. I got to see the new movie Aliens Verses Monsters. It was great and in 3-D! And of course we go to the stores so I can work on money skills and learning to keep my hands to myself. I just always have the compulsion to rearrange everything on the shelves, and for some reason the stores don't like that. Anyway, I just want to start having nice weather every day, so I can enjoy being in the fresh air and sunshine, go biking, walking at the track, canoeing, play at the park, and most of all SWIMMING!!!

Here is a picture of me and Camille. She's pretty cute huh.

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Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Jeff, you're right, Camille is very cute! Don't test her too hard, OK? :-)

Hope spring finally comes to stay in your part of the country. Mother Nature has been playing tricks on us here in Ohio this week too. We are ready for warm weather!

Leslie & Katie