Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January's Not So Bad

I was beginning to think January was the pits. It seems like I've been cooped up in the house like FOREVER. I did go to the movies one day last week and I did go to church this past Sunday and I was very, very good. I really appreciated being out of the house. Right after Christmas, Mom & Dad ended up getting the stomach flu, so I didn't get to get out. Kalin was busy with his family and it snowed a few days and no one wanted to get out in it. So I was really thinking that January isn't such a good month.

However, it turns out that January's not so bad after all! Today was a great day! Kalin and I went Snowshoeing with Common Ground. Common Ground is an outdoor adventure group for people with disabilities. They make it so great people like me, can do regular fun things, by supplying adaptive equipment and helpers. I discovered show shoeing is really fun! I got the hang of it right away but still used Kalin to steady me occasionally as I don't have very good balance. Mom sent her camera with Kalin to take some pictures but something was wrong with it and it wouldn't work. Darn, cause I really wanted everyone to see how great I did and how much fun I was having. I plan to go again soon, so hopefully we'll get some pictures then. Tomorrow, Kalin and I are going to Logan to hang out and do some fun things. Maybe a movie, maybe bowling, maybe the fun center, maybe the mall, who knows, but I plan on having some more fun. Kalin is fun to be with and he likes helping me do fun things. So whatever we decide to do, I know I'm going to have a good time.

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