Thursday, January 14, 2010

More January Fun

Yesterday I went Snowshoeing with my Mom and Common Ground. Kalin was in school all day, and Mario (a new guy we are training) was in Salt Lake. So since Mom knows how much fun I had last time, she agreed to take me. Whoopee!!

We went to Common Ground headquarters in Logan where we were to meet the bus that was going to take us to Mantua, Utah, in Sardine Canyon. While mom was filling out lots of paperwork, I was busy checking out the place. I tested every light switch, knob and lever in the place. I found the switch that operates the ceiling fans and was overjoyed to see them turn. For some reason, someone kept turning them off when I wasn't looking. Then I'd have to go turn them on again!! Don't people know that when I'm in a room with a ceiling fan, it HAS to be ON!!!

Next we got on the bus that was going to take us Snowshoeing. I was so busy trying to open the windows, turning any knob that would turn, or flipping any lever I could flip, that Mom didn't enjoy the bus ride very much. I was just so excited that I just couldn't sit still or keep my hands to myself.

We finally got to the camp ground in Mantua and it was really a nice place. There was LOTS of beautiful white snow everywhere. It took a while for everyone to get their snowshoes on, but then we were off. As soon as we stepped off the road, and onto un-level ground, I put a death grip around mom's neck. She was a nice shade of blue before she succeeded in prying my hands loose from her neck, then she held my arm and we were off. I really like snowshoeing, but not the un-level ground, so I made sure to hold tight to Mom's arm. I think I did good. Mom however, didn't do very good. She'd do good for a ways, then she'd get all off balance, almost falling. She said it was because I'd pull on her and knock her off balance. (Yeah, blame it on the kid that can't speak for himself.) I thought she was so funny....she kept taking off all the warm clothes she was wearing. She said she was hot. 13 degrees and she was hot! Go figure that one. Next she was turning red in the face and breathing really hard. She said it was because she was having to drag me through the snow. I thought it was really funny to kick her in the ankle with my snowshoe every time my left foot would take a step. She didn't like my sense of humor at all. Yes, here we are having a great time, and Mom acts like she is dying. About the last 1/4 mile of the hike, one of the volunteers from Common Ground must have thought she was also, because they brought me a walker with skis attached. It was GREAT! I caught on right away and it made it so much easier for me to keep my balance. Obviously Mom doesn't keep me balanced very well. She tried her best, but after all, I'm as big as she is. Poor, funny Mom, was so tired and sore when we finished. She hardly moved on the bus ride home. When we got home at 4:30 all she wanted to do was go to bed. But I had lots of work for her to do, so she managed to stay up until 7:45 and then went to bed. For some reason I don't think she is going to take me snowshoeing ever again.

Here's a few pictures of our adventure. Taken of course before Mom thought she was dying, so she could still smile.


Kelly and Joe said...

That has got to be the BEST story I have ever heard Jeff tell!!! Had me laughing out loud. Good job keeping Mom young, Jeff! Tell Mom I hope her muscles aren't too sore and that her breathing is now back to normal.

Kristin said...

Sounds like a fun adventure! Except the part where mom's face was red and she thought she was dying. We don't want that to happen for a LONG time! So glad she's ok.

I've been back at the blogging business this week, so you can go there for some updates if you haven't yet.

Love you all!

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Jeff, I love this story of your snowshoeing adventure--it made me smile! Tell your mom I am laughing with her, not at her! :-)

P.S. Katie shares your love of ceiling fans too! :-)