Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's That Time Of Year

It's that time of year again....for doctor visits that is. I've been busy going to see all my doctors that keep tabs on me.

I got some good news from Dr. Clegg, my new Orthopedic doctor. He said my scoliosis has just stayed the same and it probably will not get any worse. He showed us on the X-ray that my growth plates have closed and said because of that, my scoliosis won't get any worse. He also said there is no reason for me to get X-rays every 6 months any longer. Only if Mom sees something has really changed do I have to go back. He did ask Mom if anyone had ever mentioned that one of my legs was a lot shorter than the other. We had never heard that before, so he gave Mom an insert to put in my left shoe. He thinks that will help, especially with my balance. He also said the lower lumbar curve that I have could be caused by that. WOW. So, I'm wearing my insert and so far I'm being good and leaving it alone and not trying to take it apart. Mom says she hopes it lasts.

I didn't get very good news from my eye doctor, Dr. Cromwell tho. My cataract on my good eye has grown. It is now big enough that surgery should be done. He suggested that since I'm not a candidate for the normal kind of cataract surgery, and since I'd have to have general anesthesia, he recommended waiting, until Mom sees that it is really affecting my vision. Mom and Dad didn't look like they were happy to hear that the cataract had grown. The good news was that my retinas look good and haven't become detached. Mom seemed pretty happy about that. Other than the cataract getting worse, my vision stayed pretty much the same. I have some cool looking glasses, but I hate wearing them, in fact, most of the time I REFUSE to wear them. If Mom makes me, I let it be known that I don't want them on by trying to break them. But, Mom keeps trying - she can be so persistent sometimes. HoHo, so can I! When I put my glasses on, I can actually see things farther away. It's pretty cool at first, then I want back in my own little world where I feel secure and most comfortable.

I also get blood tests every 6 months, to keep a eye on a lot of different things in my blood. Everything looked great, which means no medication changes. My doctor, Dr. Beckstead, said I'm a pretty healthy guy. Yea, Me!

Well, that's it for now. Mom is still working on appointments with my Endocrinologist, Neurologist, Podiatrist, and Chiropractor.

Here's pictures of me with and without my glasses. Mom tells me I'm pretty handsome and cool looking with or without glasses. What can I say, she loves me.

Here's a picture of my crooked back with some of my battle scars. Mom thinks I'm one tough and amazing guy.


Kelly and Joe said...

We love and miss you, Uncle Jeff!

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Jeff, I think you look pretty handsome in your glasses. But I can certainly understand your not wanting to wear them. I'm about twice your age, and I don't like to wear my glasses either! :-)