Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Showshoeing Adventure

Yesterday I had another GREAT snowshoeing adventure! We went with Common Ground adventure group again. And yes, Mom took me! After our last one, I really didn't think she'd ever take me again. But she did, and we had so much fun! Yes, I said WE!!

First off, somewhere between the last adventure and this one, Mom got smart. Duh, she finally remembered that I really do have a bad balance issue. You see, because I have adapted so well in spite of having such poor balance, she forgot just how bad it really is for me when I'm on unlevel ground. After experiencing the effects of that first hand on our last adventure (see January 14 post), she made arrangements with Common Ground ahead of time for me to be able to use the ski walker. The ski walker is actually a walker attached to skis. It really helped me keep my balance while we snowshoed. It worked really well and Mom only needed to guide the walker if I started going crooked. I still thought it was really funny to try to kick her ankle with my snowshoe with each step for a while, but just as before, she didn't think it was very funny. I don't know what it is about her, she just doesn't have much of a sense of humor sometimes. I thought it was the funniest thing and just kept laughing! After a few time outs, I got the hint that she didn't like it and I'd better not do that any more. We went to a place called Squirrel Hollow, up Strawberry Canyon in Idaho. It's up in the mountains about 20 minutes from our house. We had never been there before and it was so beautiful. The trails were well groomed, very dry snow was falling, a nice crisp but mild wind blowing, and it was just so beautiful with all the trees and snow. I had a great time and so did Mom! The only bad thing about the day was Mom took out her camera to take some pictures so you could all see pictures of me snowshoeing and using the ski walker, and it wouldn't work! The batteries were dead!! Silly Mom forgot to check the batteries before we left the house. Sometimes she does the dumbest things. She says it's because she's getting old.

I was pretty good on the bus ride this time. Going there, I was excited like I usually am. I, of course, had to turn every knob, lever and handle on the bus, plus open and close the windows. Oh . . . it was so funny, I even got the emergency window to open!!!!! I laughed so hard and couldn't stop laughing! Mom looked a little embarrassed, but I thought it was really, really funny. I had everyone on the bus laughing except Mom and the driver. Coming home on the bus, was quite a different story. I was so tired from all that exercise (I must have walked 100 miles, but Mom thinks it was only about 4. But we all know she's not good at guessing distance), that I just kicked back and laid against Mom. I was to tired to touch anything!! When we got back to Preston, Mom took me to lunch and yum, it was so good! I had really worked up an appetite! Next, while we were in town, we went to the market to do some grocery shopping. I am usually busy rearranging the stock on the shelves and touching things, but I was so tired all I wanted to do was sit in the cart for big people, and let Mom push me around. I didn't move. I usually have to check out all the light bulbs in the light bulb isle, the toys in the toy isle, and look at the magazines at the checkout isle. Nope, not this time, I didn't move an inch. When I got home, I went to bed and took a nap!! Mom says she's thinking maybe I should get some snowshoes and walk around the yard everyday....but I think NOT!!!

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Kristin said...

I think mom should definitely invest in some snowshoes for you! I wonder if there's anything like that for Junior to use before I take him to the grocery store.