Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life Has Been Different and Hard

Okay, here it is nearing the end of September!!! My mom has been very bad lately! She not only hasn't been posting for me, but can you believe it, she actually left me for 6 WHOLE DAYS!!! Boy was I ticked off. (More about that later!)

The end of summer was kinda boring for me because we haven't been able to find a support worker to take Kalin's place. Mom would take me places, but hey, that's just not the same as being with a buddy. I know she means well, but a guy needs a friend to hang with and do fun things with. She's doing her best to find someone. She's doing all the foot work, and keeps saying...the Lord loves me and HE will provide. I've gone to the movies a lot, bowling, the fun center, rock climbing, and shopping. I've been to two fairs, different sidewalk sales, an artist display where there was all kinds of neat creations, and a couple of parks and the Zoo. It was fun and I enjoyed them all, but Mom had a hard time keeping up with me....she's old you know.

Okay, now for the dirty trick they played on me. My Dad was going to run a 10K race in Coos Bay, Oregon. This was not just ANY race . . . it was the Steve Prefontain Memorial Run. My Dad ran it 2 years ago and got 3rd in his age division. Well, he's been training ever since for this one race. He planned on getting first in his age division this year. He worked hard, trained hard and sacrificed much to reach his goal. (BTW, he won & took first by over 3 minutes!) But get this... he only wanted Mom to come with him to the race. Said it would be a good break from me. They kept telling me about them leaving and Steve coming for a few days and then Kelly coming for a few days to watch me. Now, I really do love my brother and my sister, and I like it when they visit and I get to see them. But it's a whole different story for them to come live in MY house and tell ME what to do! Boy, oh boy, I gave it to them good. I didn't let them rest for a minute. I broke everything I could get my hands on just to show them I'm ticked off and I'm not doing what they tell me to do. I tested them on everything. I threw things - water bottle, food, whatever I could get my hands on. What did everyone expect, my whole world was turned upside down!!! I can't handle CHANGE, and with Mom and Dad gone, everything was different! I love Steve & Kelly and they did a good job, but I was totally thrown off by having things change. I'll bet Mom and Dad don't leave me like that again for a long, long time! We have broken wooden shutters, 3 broken lamps, broken light bulbs, broken salt & pepper grinders, a ceramic head that was hanging on my wall-which when it broke, marred my wood floor, I ripped the skirt off the couch that Mom was in the process of sewing on (I cut it off the couch with scissors a while ago), broken plates and I can't remember what else. Yea, I think they'll think twice before they do that to me again! I don't do these things to be mean or spiteful, it's just my way of communicating that change bothers me, and I can't handle it.

*Note from Mom - I know Jeff sounds pretty bad here, and I must admit, he was bad. But he needs a controlled environment, one that doesn't change. His routine needs to be the same and predictable for him. When something changes, he truly can't handle it. Since he is totally deaf, legally blind (can see a little in one eye) and is nonverbal, the only way he can communicate is with his behaviors. I have to admit, he communicated his feelings quite well through his actions. I am so grateful to Steve and Kelly for their willingness to disrupt their life and that of their families, just to stay with their brother. Thank you both so very much! I love you!

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Kelly and Joe said...

Awww, it wasn't that bad for us. Just your poor house!

I knew it would be hard for Jeff and he was pretty much about how I thought he would be. But it was good for me to see how he communicates AND how he handles things for himself when I couldn't understand what he was trying to tell me! He is SMART! He knows how to get what he wants!

I love him and I love you two. And believe me, I'd do it again. Just maybe not before next spring.... :-)

Gina said...

I must say a huge thank-you to Steve and Kelly, too. As much as I would love to have met Jeff also, I had a wonderful time with your parents. They are both such special people, and your mom is such a lovely woman, it was good for her to have a little break.

Your dad's run was amazing! He's a great athlete, and a fun person to be around. Thanks for your dedication to family.

And to Jeff... sorry you weren't happy with the changes, but, you were very brave to try so that mom and dad could make their trip. :)

Kristin said...

Jeff--sounds like you kept Steve and Kelly on their toes!

Kelly and Steve--how awesome of you to watch Jeff so mom and dad could have a break!

Love you all!
Kristin and Dave

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Jeff, so good to read an update on you!

I'm sorry things seemed so bad for you when your mom and dad went on their trip. Change is a very hard thing for people who are deafblind. That consistent routine is what you rely on! But I'm glad your mom and dad got to go somewhere for a few days. Sometimes us parents need a little break, not because we don't love being with our kids all the time, but so we can rest up so we can be the best parents we can be!

I hope your mom is able to find you a new buddy soon. You and your mom are truly inspirations for me!

Camille Ford said...

oh I'm so glad that bob was able to go to the race, and congrats to him for winning. I still feel bad that i couldn't watch jeff for you, but at least he had family to stay with him. Hope all is well!