Saturday, October 2, 2010

What A Way To Start Off the Month of October!!

Okay everyone, you've got to hear this one!! My Mom and I went to the movies yesterday. I got to see Alpha and Omega. It's an animated movie about wolves. I got to sit in the very front row, which is my favorite place because I can see the screen pretty good there. I also really like feeling the vibrations in the movie. Anyway, it was pretty good because there was lots of action in it. Everything was great ... we'd gone to WalMart earlier and Mom let me walk around and look at anything I wanted to look at, which was cool. Then we went to the movie. After the movie we went to the health food store and bought some gluten-free foods for me. Then we went to Sams Club. I was in the wheelchair, doing just great when we got there. Then all of sudden, I felt really bad. I signed restroom to Mom, so she took me in. I had some diarrhea, but I was really hot & sweaty. Then my stomach hurt really bad. I wanted to throw up but I couldn't. I even tried putting my fingers down my throat to make myself throw up. I just collapsed on the floor of the bathroom, writhing in pain and moaning and groaning. My stomach was rock hard and very distended. It scared me and Mom. It took Mom awhile, but she finally got me off the floor, cleaned up and into the wheelchair. We immediately left and Mom took me to the ER at Logan Regional Hospital. I could hardly move I hurt so bad. I had a fever, my BP was 168/100 and my pulse was 90. I was soaking wet from perspiration. Mom was afraid I had some kind of intestinal blockage. They hooked me up to an IV right away and gave me some medicine in the IV to help with the pain and something for the nausea. At this point I let them do whatever they wanted, I felt so bad. Next they took me for some X-rays. When the doctor came back in to tell us the X-rays showed no blockage, or twisted bowel, Mom was relieved. He then ordered an enema for me then depending on the results of enema, he'd want to do a Cat Scan. By now I was feeling a lot better and there was no way I was going to let that nurse near me with that enema thing. Mom ended up giving it to me. There was little results. But I was finally feeling better. We had been there four hours!! By now, I wanted to go home so I kept signing 'home'. Mom talked to the doctor and they gave her another enema thing to bring home with us. Thankfully Mom hasn't had to use it on me yet. We have to go see Dr. Beckstead, my regular doctor on Monday. What a terrible way to end a perfect day. I was having such a good time then, wham!!

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