Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Fresh Start

Attention everyone . . . I have been trying to motivate Mom to update my blog for quite some time.  She made a few attempts that ended up as 'drafts', but they never got posted.  In the process of trying to post them, my technologically challenged Mom, managed to delete not only the drafts, but some of my past posts!  Poor, poor, Mom was getting so overwhelmed, and rather than give-up, she decided it was okay to 'Start Fresh'.  So she is just going to post my current doings, and I am fine with that.

That being said, last night I went to our church's Christmas Party with Mom and Dad.  I had such a fun time.  Before we left, Mom & Dad (both at different times) told me we were going to see SANTA!!  I LOVE that guy, always have, always will!  I was so excited to go.  We got there early because Mom wanted me to be able to see Santa before all the little kids got there.  You see, because of some of my challenges, waiting is extremely hard for me.  I tend to get over-stimulated in crowds, and then I just lose control.  Mom didn't want me to go through all that, so that's why she wanted me to see him first.  Well, because Santa was so busy, he was running a little late.  When he did get there, they asked "who wants to see Santa first"?  I didn't know what hit me....Mom moved so fast, practically shoving me all the way to the front, while yelling . . . JEFF DOES, JEFF DOES!  Well everyone agreed that I should go first.  Are they great or what?  I spent the rest of the night just smiling, and smiling.  Here's proof that I saw Santa . . . (I was playing it cool for the camera).

There was also an "Ugly Sweater Contest".  I didn't have a sweater, but I have this T-shirt that says "This is my ugly Xmas tee", so I wore that.  I didn't win, but I liked standing up with everyone else.
Great night, great food, great fun . . . and I smiled all night long.

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