Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm a GREAT worker!

You all know I have had to work pretty hard to light a fire under my Mom about updating my blog lately.  She said she was going to do better, and my goodness, it really looks like she is trying!  Boy, I really LOVE it when she does what I want!  

Mom (when she is in her 'groove'), usually posts about all the "fun" things I've been doing.  Just so you know my life isn't all fun & games, I thought she should post about what a GREAT worker I am.

Mom made arrangements with a few businesses in town, to let me come do some work for them.  I go a couple times a week, and my support worker, Randolph Seamons, takes me and helps be to stay focused on the job.  I spend about  30 minutes folding pizza boxes for Pizza Villa.  It's okay, not my favorite thing to do, but I do a good job for about 30 minutes.  I tend to get a bit distracted, so 30 minutes is my limit for now, but I'll keep working on it.

 Here's a picture of me at Pizza Villa, very distracted, and reporting for duty.

This was my first day there, and the lady was showing me how to do it.  I'm like, yea lady, I did this years ago back in High School.  But I was polite and played it cool.

Another job I have is breaking down boxes for Radio Shack, then taking them to be disposed of.  I like this job a lot better.  I can work for about 1 hour doing this.  I am really good at this!

Here's a picture of me at Radio Shack working with the boxes.  I break them down and then take them to be recycled.

Oh yeah, I get a bit distracted working here too, but Randolph helps to keep me on track.

Now for my FAVORITE job of all . . . Stokes Market!  I do this for about 2 hours, 
but I could do this ALL DAY, I love it so much!
I put boxes into a cart . . .

I wheel the cart to the baler . . .

Then I put the boxes into the baler . . .

Then I pull the lever . . .

And wait for it all to get compacted . . .

Then I start all over again and I LOVE IT!!!  When the baler gets full a fork lift comes and loads it up to be sent to the recycling place.  I love watching the fort lift work, but darn, they won't let me drive it.

Everyone is impressed with what a hard worker I am!  I don't get paid because these are volunteer jobs.  They show me what to do, I work hard and am really pleased and proud of the work I do.  It also gives me a sense of accomplishment.  Mom makes sure I still get to do lots of fun things, like going to the movies, bowling, the fun center, and my favorite . . . shopping at Walmart or any hardware store!

Here's me after a hard day of having fun and working, turning on my vibrator and relaxing in the recliner . . . Have I got it made or what!?!  I LOVE my life!

Mom told me that she really appreciates each of the stores for letting me help them out.  She also said she thinks Randolph is a great support worker and is so happy that I have him.  I agree with her completely!
Posted for Jeff by Mom


Bob said...

Good job, Jeff and Linda!

Kelly and Joe said...

I am SO HAPPY to hear about this!!! I love that he enjoys his life so much. His parents and Randolph are THE BEST!!!